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Appassionata Piano Studio offers private lessons to students of all ages and levels. These lessons take place at the studio in Arvada, CO. Four recitals take place per year, two semi-formal recitals in December and May and additional informal events offered in October and March. 

Private lessons are available for students on a weekly basis through the academic calendar year (September-May) and through the summer months (June-August). Lesson focus is personalized to incorporate the individual student's interest and includes repertoire (classical, modern, popular, jazz, sacred music, and ensemble), technique, theory, musicianship and performance skills, and improvisation/composition.

It is the goal of the studio to provide a practical piano approach in learning and in performance. Practical piano not only focuses on creating and nurturing a life-long appreciation of music, but also on building a skill set unique to each student, enhancing each student's learning experience in performance, teaching, music theory/composition and history understanding, and accompanying/collaborative piano. 

Lesson Options

  • 20-minute lesson: typically offered to beginning students between the ages of 4-5
  • 30-minute lesson: beginners or ages 5-8
  • 45-minute lesson: intermediate or ages 9-12
  • 60-minute lesson: advanced or ages 13-adult
Please note: Lesson times vary based on individual recommendation. Please contact the studio for the recommended lesson length.

Class Options

Studio classes take place prior to recitals and festivals for performance and musicianship focus. These classes take the place of the weekly lesson five-six weeks out of the year and include a focus on performance preparation, theory and aural training, technique, music history, and musicianship skills in a fun, peer-centered environment. 

2017-2018 Performance Class Dates: 
  • September 25-28
  • October 23-26
  • December 11-14
  • February 26-March 1
  • April 30-May 3

Adult Students

Adults interested in lessons are invited to register for the lesson length of their choice. Scheduling is flexible based on mutual availability. Adult students are not required to participate in bi-monthly classes, recitals, or performance events unless they choose.

Summer Lessons

Summer lessons are flexible and are scheduled individually with the student. At least three lessons are recommended for summer registration. Registration begins May 1. 

Summer 2018: This summer's theme is TBD. The summer's end performance will be held on August 12.

There is nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself. - Johann Sebastian Bach